• Market Research MAARG has excellent capabilities to conduct Market research for profiling consumers and their preferences using advance statistical methods. Starting from the concept of research design to the final analysis of the findings, statistically backed up detailed reports are presented in a meaningful way for clear understanding and immediate action. With the extensive knowledge base that exists at MAARG for research methodologies, analysis is very reliable.
  • Product Positioning Many products are not successful as per plans, because of their poor “Product Positioning” in a market place. MAARG consultants can work with you to understand your business and together develop a product positioning matrix that forms the basis of further marketing strategies.
  • Advertising and Brand Development MAARG consultants specialise in designing appropriate message to the market and choosing correct media for maximum exposure. Designing eye-catching art-work, simple tag lines and proper positioning can make the advertisements more effective.
  • Sales Processes and Management Sales processes and management of Sales is one of the key areas where MAARG consultants have wide experience. We can analyse the existing processes and procedures, compare them with the best ones in the industry and suggest improvements to increase their effectiveness – all considering the exiting limitations of an organisation.