• Concept Analysis  Many businesses do not go as per plan due to inherent flaws in the basic concept itself. There is a wide gap between a brilliant idea and its commercialisation. At MAARG, experts can analyse the basic concept from various angles ensuring that the chances for its success are much higher. We can spot the pitfalls in the basic concept which must be taken care of before plunging into any new venture.
  • Business Project Report for Funding  At MAARG , we can write the Business Project Report necessary for getting funds approval. Professionally presented business reports encompassing all the necessary aspects of soundness of the business proposal give assurance and confidence to the funds providers. MAARG has the understanding of the requirements of loan approval processes.
  • Business Process and Procedures Development  Consultants are MAARG are well experienced in various business processes having been involved in formulating them and implementing them successfully in areas of Business Administration, Sales Management, Production Planning, Budgeting etc. Our consultants can study existing situations and develop effective set of procedures for implementation to create immediate improvements.
  • Management Consulting  Management Consulting is the core of MAARG Consultancy. As management consultants, we provide business solutions whenever an organisation needs immediate help. Specialised areas of consultancy are:
    – Business Administration
    – Sales Management
    – Staff Retention, Development and training
    – Project Management of new ventures