• Business Analysis MAARG consultants have years of experience in analysing business situations and finding out weaknesses. If companies are not meeting their goals, something needs to change and MAARG can suggest areas for improvements. Working with business managers, MAARG consultants methodically develop a strategic plan for implementation in the areas of Sales & Marketing, production, finance and administration.
  • Risk Management  It is essential that organisations evaluate various risks to their businesses and are prepared for them by taking mitigating measures. MAARG has considerable experience in Supply-chain Risk management, Sales Risk management and Product Risk management. MAARG consultants can systematically analyse various risks and suggest appropriate & effective solutions.
  • Turnaround and Restructuring Many companies undertake measures to turnaround their businesses and improve profitability. But, in spite of hard work, desired results elude them. MAARG has the experience to look at the businesses in a holistic manner and suggest ways for effective turnaround including restructuring strategies.
  • New Product Development  Development of any new product is a long process involving customer preferences, company’s ability to adapt the changing requirements in context to the existing products, financial impact of introduction of new products and many other critical issues. For many years, MAARG consultants have been involved in developing new products for multi-national companies and have vast experience in their successful promotion.
  • New Area Business Development At MAARG, one can get good advice on how to start businesses in new territories / countries. Detailed country reports from the perspective of business potential are offered as a starting point when companies expand business into unknown countries.