The Company

MAARG Consulting specialises in Management Consulting and Training. Based on strong fundamentals, consultants at MAARG provide practical solutions to  business problems. With years of international business experience, MAARG consultants can approach a complex situation from different perspectives to provide the most optimum solution.

So why is MAARG in a different class of consultants than many others?

The answer to this lies in the approach adopted by MAARG consultants to provide the solutions. Due to our experience, we can take holistic view of the business circumstances and this we combine it with our practical hands-on knowledge to provide you with a solution that is workable in real situation. Our approach is always to work with you so the solutions that we provide are in consultation with you and hence implementable in your situation.

The training methods we adopt are different than the general norm. Again, working with you, each training module is specifically tailored for your situation and needs. This, coupled with practical examples from similar industries, make the learning process very effective as most participants can relate to every example discussed.


Profile Picture

Principal Consultant at MAARG is Dr. Milind Medhekar. He has a Doctorate in Management (Marketing), Masters degree in Business Administration, Masters degree in Financial Management as well as Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. He is PINCE 2 qualified as Practicing Project Manager. He has over 40 years of practical hands-on experience in many iconic multinational companies and has worked in Australia, India and Germany at various senior levels. Apart from his excellence in management practices, he is a qualified trainer and has played a key role in developing and mentoring many sales as well as management staff through his effective teaching methods.


Mihir Medhekar is a consultant specialising in Project Management. With Engineering and Commerce degree, he has excellent understanding of techno-commercial aspects within project environment. Further, he is a PRINCE 2 qualified professional Project Manager. His MBA degree from MGSM, Macquarie University enables him to have a thorough  understanding of various business aspects. For past 10 years Mihir is helping customers manage their end-to-end large projects.