• Sales and Management Training – Consultants at MAARG have vast experience in management of multi-million dollar sales activities. Sales growth is possible only when sound sales management processes are in place and which are monitored by sales managers on regular basis. MAARG specialises in quantification of customer relationships, thereby providing excellent measures of effectiveness of sales peoples’ interaction with customers. These measures are useful for setting strategic targets, in preparation of annual budgets as well as in the performance appraisals of sales people.
    MAARG consultants are highly experienced in providing effective management training that brings immediate results to an organisation. Among others, following key training modules are available from MAARG:
    – Decision Making techniques
    – Negotiation Skills
    – Finance for non-finance people
    – Effective communication & presentation technique
  • Employee Development Programs – Employees are the back-bones of any organisation. They need to be effectively managed as well as developed for future business growth. Consultants at MAARG have been involved in developing various methodologies for career planning and succession planning.
  • Cross-cultural Training – In the current business environment, management of cross-cultural aspects is of paramount importance. Understanding of do’s and don’ts is vital and it impacts on employee morale and the profitability. With practical examples, MAARG consultants bring out this point succinctly and make employees aware of cross-cultural issues and how to deal with them.
  • Employee Retention & Incentive Schemes – Conducive work environment coupled with motivation through direct /indirect incentives is the key to employee retention. Various incentive schemes are available with MAARG which have been effectively proven in many industries.