Art of Negotiation – In a Multi-cultural Environment

A Professional 1 day Training Course for people who want to get favourable outcomes in any negotiations business or personal. Negotiations take place everywhere in day‐to‐day life in sales meetings with customers, with suppliers, with business stake holders or even in day to day personal life with family and friends. Hence, it is important to learn the skills to negotiate to get a successful outcome.
It is a skill that can be learned and practised to get better at it so that one gets what one wants. Awareness of the whole process and the techniques involved is  the  first  step. This course  covers  principles  of  negotiation  techniques  with  practice sessions to hone the skills using practical examples and case studies. Special emphasis is on how to negotiate in a cross-cultural environment.

Course Objectives
-To understand the process of negotiations
-To recognise different styles of negotiations in business environment
-To understand the profiles of negotiators and adapt to the circumstances
-To learn techniques to lead the negotiations to a favourable result
-To learn how to handle dead-lock situations in tough negotiations
-To negotiate in multi‐cultural/international environment

What will be achieved at the end of the learning process?
-Better  understanding of the whole negotiation process to get desired results
-Recognition of personality profiles of negotiators and appropriate response
-Awareness of pit‐falls while negotiating
-Acquisition of skills to deal with difficult negotiations
-Better understanding of various cultures(..and Do s & Don’ts)

The trainer is a highly qualified professional with 35 years of international experience
in negotiations at various levels in a multi‐cultural environment.

Course Details 

Venue: Near Parramatta (TO BE ADVISED)


Time:8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

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